Providing Solutions. Improving Performance and Service. Creating Value. Delivering Results.
Providing Solutions. Improving Performance. Creating Value. Delivering Results.

Private Club Management:

Z Golf Properties has a proven record of success in private club management.  We provide experiences that meet the complex and growing demands of members and their families.  Most importantly we are best at attracting the right new members and retaining existing members to optimizing revenue and ensure success.

Our private club management services include:

  • Research, Planning, & Budgeting

We conduct research of the market and competitive facilities and analyze the current operation and membership base and build annual and long-range business plans and budgets, and we regularly evaluate these plans to ensure optimum results.

  • Staffing & Benefits

People make the difference.  Our people are passionate about their work.  We carefully select uniquely qualified candidates for each position and we offer a comprehensive benefit package.

  • Membership Sales, Marketing, & Retention

We conduct extensive member, market, and competitive analysis to develop a membership sales and marketing plan to attract new members as well as retain existing members.  Our innovative approach to membership sales and marketing is driven by a detailed oriented data based sales process, extensively utilizing existing members in the recruitment process, and creating a club culture where new members assimilate quickly and effectively.

  • Activity and Event Planning

Successful private clubs offer something for every member of the family.  We develop activities and programs that attract everyone in the family to use the Club.  These range from children focused programs and events to adult programs and events such as fitness classes and book clubs.

  • Golf Course Maintenance

We have maintained some of the finest golf courses in world.  We attract and retain the most skilled and business-minded turf professionals in the industry. And we pass on the benefits of our experience, leveraging our national supplier relationships to reduce capital and operating costs.

  • Food & Beverage

Food and beverage is an integral part of the member and guest experience.  We base the scope, hours and offerings in food and beverage based on club need and member and guest demand.  We optimize the operation through innovative menus, quality control, detailed financial reporting and ongoing service training.

  • Accounting and IT

Timely information is the key to success in today’s competitive market.  We incorporate information technology into all areas of running a successful club.  We ensure accuracy and security with well-established, sound controls and procedures. Our IT solutions back it up with established security measures and state-of-the-art data warehousing.