Providing Solutions. Improving Performance and Service. Creating Value. Delivering Results.
Providing Solutions. Improving Performance. Creating Value. Delivering Results.

Real Estate Marketing & Management:

Z Golf specializes in organizing and managing on-site real estate sales teams and the management of all types of real estate properties including single-family, condominium and fractional ownership.

Real Estate Marketing:

Successful real estate sales and marketing comes from having the right team of real estate professionals and from knowing your market.  Z Golf has extensive experience with the residential sales and marketing process.   We identify, hire, train and manage brokers, sales and support staff specifically suited for the project.  We conduct in-depth research into the market, product offerings, consumer buying habits, sales comparables and buyer demographics.

With this information, we develop a sales and marketing plan for the project.  The plan addresses timeframe, goals, objectives and budget,  production of marketing materials and advertising and public relations campaigns.  We tightly manage budgets and schedules and regularly evaluate marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns to ensure optimal value and success.

Real Estate Management:

Z Golf has extensive experience in assisting with the formation of associations, developing covenent's codes & restrictions (CC&R's), developing budgets and operating plans.

We provide complete management services including:

  • Reviewing site, landscape and other project related plans
  • Providing operational input on By-Laws and CC&R's for maximum efficiency and cost containment
  • Interviewing and bidding appropriate vendors and verification of licensing and insurance
  • Bidding appropriate insurance policy costs and binding policies
  • Creating operating budgets and reserve estimates
  • Assessment invoicing
  • Overseeing bookkeeping, accounting, collections
  • Financial reporting
  • Banking
  • Establishing/changing signatories on the operating and reserve bank accounts
  • Creating and sending assessments to the owners
  • Tracking and payment of association related property taxes  
  • Coordination of annual tax return preparation, filing and tax payments
  • Enforcing the CC&R's
  • Communicating throughout the year with association Members and scheduling, leading and documenting the annual and any special Member meetings
  • Communicating throughout the year with the Board and scheduling, leading and documenting the annual and any special Boards meetings
  • Assisting/advising on the appointment of a Board of Directors
  • Assisting in the amendment of the governing documents when necessary
  • Interfacing with legal and financial counsel as necessary